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The Irvine Personal Injury Lawyers at Kubota & Craig law firm represent clients who have been injured by the negligent conduct of persons, corporations, and governmental entities. We have represented our clients against defendants ranging from large trucking companies, property owners, dog owners, reckless motorists and truck drivers, and various companies and county agencies.

The purpose of our business is to provide justice to those who have been injured. We do this by helping them get a fair and just financial exchange for their injuries. They should not have to bear the financial burden of injuries caused by someone else’s wrongful conduct or negligence.

Being seriously injured – and dealing with the financial repercussions that come with it – is one of the scariest situations anyone can face in this life.

Injury victims often wonder how they are going to get better. They are unsure of what to do moving forward. They don’t know who can they trust. And they feel uncertain of their future.

That’s why we are dedicated to assisting our clients through this uncertain time in their life by providing a solution that helps them overcome fear and uncertainty. We purposely limit our cases to ensure that we can give our selected clients the best service.

Our past clients are our best referral source. That’s why we are so careful to treat each new client with so much respect, and it’s why we fight so aggressively for them. The future of our practice is dependent on delivering top results, yet with compassion and care for our clients as individuals.

If you have been injured, don’t hesitate to call us today at 949-218-5676 to schedule a free consultation with one of our personal injury attorneys in Irvine.

Injury Lawyers in Irvine

We have extensive experience in handling complex litigation cases in a wide range of practice areas including:

Given our experience in these practice areas, new clients typically find us by searching online for terms such as:

Similarly, if you live in Southern California and are searching for a personal injury lawyer to help you seek compensation, you have come to the right place. We would love to speak to you. Call us for a free consultation today at 949-218-5676.

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