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Irvine's Leading Accident Lawyers
Irvine's Leading Accident Lawyers




Peer-Recognized for Top-Performing Results

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Peer-Recognized for Top-Performing Results


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What Our Past Clients Have To Say About Us

Yoshi and Cynthia really care about you, and about making sure you get treatment for your injuries! They are experienced, fearless, and kind. I highly recommend them if you’ve been hurt in a car accident, or other accident. They really fight for what you need after you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence.

Jen H.
Rating: 5

Yoshi and his team provided me thee best counsel I could have ever asked for. I was hit by a car while walking across the street, and Kubota & Craig got me the highest settlement possible. In addition to winning my case, I learned valuable life lessons from Yoshi. He is an incredible person and a wonderful lawyer. I couldn’t recommend him more!

Wendy L.
Rating: 5

Highly recommend Yoshi Kubota for anything legal related. He was professional throughout our entire experience and went above and beyond what anyone could have asked for. Yoshi and his associates were always in constant contact with us, kept us up to date with any information regarding our case and informed us of any changes. We never hesitated to call for any questions and they were always quick to respond. While our case took time, his team never once lost interest while maintaining a high level of professionalism. His team really made an effort to ensure we were properly treated with respect and care. Could not have asked for better service. Thank you Yoshi & Craig.

Noudeng S.
Rating: 5

What can be a very scary and intimidating experience turned out to be so pleasurable after meeting Cynthia Craig and Yoshi Kubota – trustworthy, easy to talk to, patient, informative, and there for you every step of the way. Thank you for going above and beyond for me during such trying times. I am so fortunate to have met you all. Highly highly recommend!

Rating: 5

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Orange County

Are you searching the web for a “motorcycle injury lawyer near me”? Have you been injured in a motorcycle crash and are in need of a motorcycle accident lawyer in Orange County, California?

If so, the experienced personal injury attorneys at Kubota & Craig Law Firm have prepared the following information to answer the questions that are most commonly asked by motorcycle accident victims.

Motorcycle accidents are undeniably serious. Because motorcyclists are so exposed and unprotected from the impact of being in an accident with a car, the injury, and medical expenses sustained by the motorcyclist are often so much worse. The facts indicate that direct contact with another vehicle, especially in busy lanes, puts motorcyclists at greater risk from driver negligence.

In Orange County, hundreds of motorcyclists get injured on the road every year. What can riders do to seek justice and get compensation when they’re faced with injury, loss of wage, and hospital bills that the insurance company may resist fully covering?

Kubota & Craig’s Orange County motorcycle accident lawyer can help. When dealing with such serious matters, having the right attorneys on your side in court and litigation is crucial. Call Kubota & Craig today for the legal advice you need from a team familiar with the state laws governing such cases.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney Orange County CA

Dangers Faced by Motorcyclists

It is, without a doubt, fun and exhilarating to drive a motorcycle. It comes with a rush that pumps up your adrenaline and makes you feel happy. This is something many Californians in Orange County experience themselves. Despite that, it is undeniable that riding a motorcycle poses more danger than riding in cars and other vehicles.

This is because nothing protects the motorcyclist if a crash ever happens. In car crashes, the driver is enclosed and has seat belts and airbags installed. The only protection a motorcyclist has is a helmet, arm guards, and shin guards. If they do not make it a point to wear protective gear, they have no protection at all if a crash happens.

When an accident occurs, what happens to the motorcyclist?

As any experienced Orange County motorcycle injury attorney can tell you, motorcyclists who have been involved in a car crash will likely be suffering from a significant amount of injuries or even death. The rider can sustain a wide array of injuries during a motorcycle crash since they are virtually exposed. Crashing on another object, vehicle, or the pavement will result in fractures, at least.

Here is a more detailed view of the serious injuries that our Orange County motorcycle accident attorneys most commonly see from victims of motorcycle accidents.

Injuries Often Sustained by Motorcycle Riders

The most common injuries sustained during motorcycle accidents are:

  • Broken bones: Bone fractures are the most common injury suffered during motorcycle accidents. It happens due to the force of impact when you crash onto a larger vehicle or hit the ground.
  • “Road rash”: Damage to skin and soft tissue happens when you’re thrown off the bike at a considerable speed. The friction when you slide along the concrete or asphalt burns layers of the skin.
  • Loss of limbs: Motorcycle crashes can sometimes result in crushed limbs that may not be repairable even with extensive surgeries. The limbs may have to be amputated and replaced with a prosthetic.
  • Internal organ damage: Internal injuries can occur when the body experiences trauma. A motorcycle crash can result in internal injuries like damage to the liver, kidneys, or spleen, punctured lungs, ruptured diaphragm, or broken ribs.
  • Traumatic brain injury: Head trauma is common during motorcycle accidents, even with the right helmet. Traumatic brain injury occurs when brain tissue is damaged due to the brain hitting the skull, which may cause various disabilities.
  • Spinal cord injury: Injuries to the spinal cord often lead to permanent disability. Depending on the level of damage and injury, a motorcyclist who sustains this kind of injury may become a paraplegic or quadriplegic.

Whether it is injury or death, a motorcycle accident will result in hospital bills and an inability to work. If you get injured in a bike crash, through no fault of your own, you might be able to get compensation to pay for your medical bills and replace your lost wages.

It will significantly help your personal injury claim if you enlist the assistance of a motorcycle accident attorney in Orange County.

On that note, Kubota & Craig motorcycle accident attorneys may be of help. We’re a team of lawyers in Orange County with a wide array of practice areas, including motorcycle accidents. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need legal advice.

Common Causes of Various Types of Motorcycle Accidents

There are numerous possible causes of a motorcycle accident.

  1. The Carelessness of Another Driver: One of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents is the other driver. The accident may have happened because they were careless or negligent drivers with no regard for others on the road. Driving under the influence of alcohol is an example of this.
  2. Poor Visibility: Poor visibility is also another common cause of motor accidents. This is often due to inclement weather, such as heavy rain, snow, hail, or strong winds. The risk of accident doubles when the weather is poor because the other driver carelessly drivers on a slick road.
  3. Visual Obstruction: Common visual obstructions include traffic and buildings. These make it hard for other drivers to see motorcyclists, especially if they are not paying close attention. These obstructions also cause distracted driving that leads to motorcycle crashes.
  4. Road Hazards: Things like potholes, debris, uneven pavement, and puddles make it hard to drive a bike and lose balance. When that happens, it can lead to you getting thrown off, colliding with other vehicles, or even hitting someone.
  5. Right of Way Violation: Motorcyclists also have their right of way. However, sometimes, other drivers get patient and do not give motorcyclists their way. If this happens, there is a high chance of the biker getting pushed off or crashing into another car.
  6. Defective Parts: The manufacturer must ensure the motorcycle it sells is safe to use. If it has faulty parts and ends up causing an accident, it is grounds for an insurance claim. The same can be said if a mechanic fails to repair your motorcycle properly.
  7. Failure to Obey the Traffic Laws: Every driver on the road must obey all Orange County traffic laws. If they don’t, they are not only doing something illegal. They can also cause accidents. Traffic laws are there to ensure every driver is safely driving their vehicle.

Knowing the common causes of motorcycle accidents is crucial to avoid being in an accident yourself. At the same time, it helps with the insurance claim as the cause of the accident is one of the main factors considered. Knowing the real reason you happened to be in an accident tells you if the case has a good chance of winning.

What To Do When Involved in a Motorcycle Accident?

If involved in a motorcycle accident, the first thing you should do is seek immediate medical attention.Your life is at stake, and nothing is more important than making sure you are safe, especially if you are a loved one involved in a motorcycle accident case. More than that, getting checked at the hospital provides the legal document detailing the severe injuries you sustained and the costs of treatment. This document is a crucial piece of evidence for your claim, showcasing the true value of the damages you’ve incurred.

The other party may assert that the accident never happened without medical documentation. A strong rebuttal can affect your case, which a medical certificate can avoid. If possible, we also advise you to take pictures of the accident itself and your injuries. They also serve as proof that supports your case.

Once you have received medical attention, do not forget to contact a reliable motorcycle accident lawyer in Orange County. You need their expertise, especially if you are unfamiliar with cases like these.

With that said, feel free to contact Kubota & Craig’s Irvine motorcycle accident attorneys for a free consultation. And know that our lawyers don’t just serve accident victims in Irvine. We serve all of Orange County, all the way from Buena Park, Anaheim, Orange, Newport Beach, Lake Forest, and all the way down San Clemente and beyond.

How Can Our Motorcycle and Motorbike Accident Law Firm Help You?

Getting compensation for your pain, injury, loss of income, and hospital bills begins with an insurance claim. You can claim with liability insurance or auto insurance, depending on the nature of the accident. The problem is that most insurance companies will try to give you the short end of the stick as much as possible, minimizing the value of your losses.

There are many cases where the victim receives inadequate compensation. This often happens when you resolve the claim on your own. If you want to get reasonable compensation that can cover all your medical fees and help you get back on your feet, you need the help of a skilled motorcycle attorney in Orange County.

Experienced motorcycle accident lawyers know the common tricks used by insurance companies to lower your compensation. They are also skilled negotiators who can discuss the settlement on your behalf. If your conditions aren’t met, your lawyer can also file a lawsuit. This is what we do at Kubota & Craig as your trusted trial attorneys here in Orange County.

Our motorcycle accident lawyers work on every aspect and detail of your lawsuit. Our goal is to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve. A common trick of the other party to avoid liability is to transfer the blame to you. Whether this is true or not, a reliable attorney will ensure that your rights, and those of your loved ones, are protected in the midst of a motorcycle accident case.

Get Expert Legal Advice from Experienced Orange County Motorcycle accident lawyer.

Are you looking online for a “Motorcycle accident lawyer near me”? You don’t need to go any further because Kubota & Craig can provide the legal assistance you need. We are a team of lawyers ready to assist Orange County residents in cases such as personal injury, car accidents, premises liability, and motorcycle accidents, of course.

If you need help to get your rightful compensation, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 949-218-5676 today.

Why Choose Us as Your Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Orange County, CA?

Choosing the right legal team after a motorcycle accident in Orange County can greatly influence the outcome of your case. At Kubota & Craig, we are not just lawyers; we are advocates who fight tirelessly for the rights of motorcyclists. Here’s why you should consider us when looking for a motorcycle accident lawyer in Orange County:

  1. Local Legal Expertise: Our deep roots and extensive experience in Orange County enable us to provide specialized knowledge that’s critical in navigating local traffic laws and court systems. We understand the challenges that motorcyclists face on our roads and are adept at handling complex accident claims.
  2. Aggressive Representation: We believe in fighting vigorously for our clients. Our motorcycle injury lawyers in Orange County are known for their relentless pursuit of the compensation you deserve, not just the minimum that insurance companies are willing to offer.
  3. Compassionate Client Care: We see our clients as part of our community, not just case numbers. This means you will receive personalized and compassionate service from our team. Every step of your case is handled with your best interests in mind, ensuring that you feel supported during this challenging time.
  4. No Win, No Fee Commitment: With our contingency fee structure, you will not pay any upfront fees. We only get paid if we win your case. This approach allows you to seek the legal representation you deserve without any financial burden or risk.
  5. Proven Track Record: Our success in securing substantial settlements and verdicts for our clients speaks volumes. With a proven track record in motorcycle accident cases throughout Orange County, including Irvine, Newport Beach, and beyond, you can trust that your case is in good hands.

If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident and need legal guidance, don’t settle for less than you deserve. Reach out to Kubota & Craig, the trusted motorcycle accident attorneys in Orange County, for a free consultation. Let us help you navigate your legal journey with expertise and care, maximizing your recovery so you can focus on healing.


Or call us today at 949-218-5676


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Josie FlemingJosie Fleming
03:58 31 May 23
I had the misfortune of being in a car accident near the Irvine Spectrum Center last year, but the amazing team at Kubota & Craig turned my luck around. They were friendly and helpful from day one, and thanks to their diligence, I received a great settlement. My family and I are truly happy with the results. Highly recommended.
Jayne PetersonJayne Peterson
12:52 21 May 23
Having been involved in my first car accident, I was feeling very stressed about it. But after searching for car accident lawyers in Irvine and speaking with Yoshi Kubota, I was definitely feeling better about what lie ahead of me. I had full confidence in their ability to get me the maximum amount possible in my situation. Even though they are a very busy firm, they always took the time to answer my questions and address my concerns. I'm so glad I went with this law firm. If you're in need of a car accident lawyer in Irvine, I highly recommend them for their expertise and exceptional service.
Elaine WrightElaine Wright
15:13 20 May 23
If you're in need of the best car accident lawyers in Orange County, California, look no further than Kubota & Craig. They provided top-notch service, and although I wouldn't wish an accident on anyone, I highly recommend them to represent you. Their team was great, and I was always so impressed with Yoshi who handled my case. He got me a fantastic result and was a class-act every step of the way.
Carmen SimpsonCarmen Simpson
05:40 19 May 23
As a satisfied client of Kubota & Craig, I highly recommend their services for anyone in need of an Orange County car accident lawyer. Yoshi and Cynthia's team were exceptional in handling my complex case with the utmost professionalism and efficiency. Throughout the process, they were always available to answer any questions or concerns I had, providing me with much-needed peace of mind. Dealing with insurance adjusters can be a daunting task, but Kubota & Craig made it stress-free. From start to finish, their dedicated team worked tirelessly to ensure that my case was resolved in my favor. I'm grateful for their assistance and thankful to have had such a great group of people by my side during this difficult time. For anyone seeking a reliable car accident lawyer in Orange County, I highly recommend Kubota & Craig.
Vickie StanleyVickie Stanley
09:56 18 May 23
Kubota & Craig provided excellent service as my car crash lawyer. They handled both my case professionally, efficiently, and honestly, helping me get the medical attention I needed and resolving issues with car insurance. The team kept us informed throughout the process and addressed any concerns. I highly recommend their firm.
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