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Irvine's Leading Accident Lawyers

5 Reasons to Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

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Accidents happen. That’s a fact of life.

But if you’ve been injured in an accident that could have or should have been prevented – were it not for the negligence of an individual, business, government agency, or as the result of a defective product – you deserve to be treated with dignity and compassion. You deserve to have proper medical attention for as long as necessary. And you deserve to be fully compensated for the financial effects that the accident has had on you.

Yet day after day, injured victims end up paying exorbitant prices for the negligence of others, all because they don’t reach out to a personal injury lawyer who could have helped them.

At Kubota & Craig, we are driven to right these wrongs and stand up for those who have been injured, and fight for the families who have lost a loved one in a wrongful death case. We firmly believe that our responsibility is to use our experience, abilities, and award-winning trial skills to help others when they need it most.

So, if you’ve been injured and don’t know what to do, please consider the following five reasons you should contact a personal injury attorney after an accident.

1. You will get the medical care you need

If you’ve suffered a personal or traumatic injury, you will need medical attention. Personal injury lawyers ensure that you can receive all necessary medical treatment when you need it to provide the best possible recovery from your injuries.

Medical treatment in California does not come cheap, even for seemingly minor injuries. Without proper and immediate medical care, victims of personal injury accidents may find that the pain and suffering persist for years.

Reputable personal injury firm law firms have the resources to make sure that you get the treatment you need even if you cannot afford the medical bills on your own. No one deserves to suffer because they can’t afford the care they require after an injury. At Kubota & Craig, we make sure our clients can get all the necessary medical care they need when they need it.

2. Contacting a personal injury attorney or wrongful death attorney will not cost you a cent

Kubota & Craig takes all personal injury and wrongful death cases on a contingency fee basis. That means that injured victims will not pay anything upfront. Furthermore, until we reach an appropriate settlement with an insurance company or take your case to trial, you will not pay for anything.

We only get paid if we recover compensation for your injuries. Victims have no financial obligation whatsoever until their case has been resolved.

3. Insurance companies are NOT generous by nature

Insurance companies are businesses, and as such, they are concerned with their bottom line. To improve their bottom line, insurance companies aim to pay as little as possible on a claim, if at all.

This is hard for many people to imagine, as insurance companies are theoretically designed to protect us from unexpected events, including accidents. Yet, they are notorious for denying claims even when their insured policyholder is indisputably to blame for the injury or accident.

The simple but sad reality is that insurance companies will first look for ways to deny a claim of responsibility. When that fails, they will always offer the lowest possible settlement to an injured victim. Even worse, many victims agree to accept grossly unfair settlement offers to find that the insurance company still won’t deliver.

4. A personal injury lawyer will help to preserve evidence crucial to your claim

Insurance companies are willing to pay a lot of money to their attorneys to avoid paying for the medical costs of an injured victim. The attorneys representing insurance companies are good at what they do. The burden of proof in a personal injury claim is on the victim/plaintiff.

That’s why it’s so important to contact an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible after your injury. There will be evidence that may prove crucial to your claim that needs to be preserved.

Incidentally, hiring a personal injury attorney known for taking cases to trial and winning or obtaining substantial settlements will only help your case. Insurance companies are well aware that talented and experienced personal injury attorneys will take cases to trial. Insurance companies are at enormous risk in a trial. Thus, the likelihood of a reasonable or fair settlement increases.

5. Personal injuries may be more severe than you think

There is often a lot more to an injury than meets the eye. In fact, in many cases, symptoms from an injury are delayed. This is particularly true of injuries sustained in a car accident.

It can take weeks for symptoms to materialize fully. Without the counsel of an attorney, experienced in personal injury cases and personal injury law, victims too often accept a settlement offer only to find that it won’t cover all of the medical care costs and treatments needed to restore them to health.

If you have been injured and need assistance, we are here to help. For more information, visit our Irvine personal injury lawyer website, or call 949-218-5676 for a free consultation and case evaluation with our personal injury attorneys. Our lawyers handle cases involving a wide range of injuries, ranging from slip and falls, to car accidents, to wrongful death claims.

Kubota & Craig’s attorneys are respected, experienced, and peer-referred due to their unmatched advocacy and litigation skills, as well as their investment in raising the bar of excellence in Southern California’s legal community. Because of the superior verdicts and settlements they have obtained in injury cases over the past two decades, they are among the most highly regarded personal injury attorneys in Southern California. 

  • Disclaimer: The legal information presented in this article should not be construed to be formal legal advice, nor the formation of a lawyer or attorney client relationship.
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